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    Shenzhen Yuanshang Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd.
    The original Shenzhen Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd is a company committed to the domestic and foreign exhibition booth, city hall, commercial space, museum, Museum of science and technology and Culture Museum exhibition space design and engineering of the overall planning, construction, and provide comprehensive brand exhibition and brand image planning services home court hosted the creative design services company.
    • 15years
      Experience in exhibition building
    • 18000m2
      Directly under production plant
    • 100+
      Design and construction team
    • 3000+
      Exhibition case
    Latest case
    Whether it is creativity, design, or experience, we all strive to subvert the tradition, perfect in every detail + praise
    Industry news
    Customer evaluation
    Cooperative partner
    Meet, only sure! Over the years, choose the big coffee show......
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